Daisy Crypto AI and Forex AI update

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Hello Daisy Family,  Since alot of great things have been happening lately, we want to update you with this written summary:  
1. Daisy Crypto AI update
“On June 1st we are launching swing and reversal algorithms! After successful testing of 1 hour swing and reversal algorithms within D.ai.sy testing fund - we are ready to increase their portion to 30% of testing capital. These strategies help adjust to non-trendy market states, as well as temporary pull backs during bullish trends.  
New goal setting framework is implemented and will also be launched on June 1st! This framework enables much more flexible goal definitions for AI machine learning algorithms to update its performance. The response time to new market changes is expected to drop from 1.5 months to two weeks, and correspondingly the expected maximum drawdown per algorithms to be reduce by 1/3. This framework enables us also to integrate new strategies and trading ideas. 
By July 1st we are planning to complete the first integration, testing and optimization of the strategy developed by a top algorithmic trading quant that came to us through the D.ai.sy Crowd Fund development team. We appreciate everyone's patience and belief, and we are 100% committed to creating the most successful AI Trading performance ever seen.” 
2. Forex AI
If you haven’t seen yet, the Forex AI is simply ON FIRE! We have a big announcement coming on June 1st that you don’t want to miss.  
We have received a few messages asking us if our withdrawals in usdt are safe due to current situation. Yes, they are; there is nothing to worry about with USDT. We also would like to remind everyone that the Terra-LUNA situation has nothingto do with USDT. In the case that something should ever happen to USDT (which we don't think it will), we of course have solutions for how to distribute funds through other stable coins or even fiat. 
4. D.ai.sy Dubai Event
We will be hosting our next global event in Dubai the 21st and 22nd of February in 2023. There are very few $99 early bird tickets for the "Told You So" Dubai event left. Go to www.toldyouso2023.com to grab your tickets and to learn more about the event. 
5. Upgraded pdf presentation
We will upload a brand-new pdf and powerpoint presentation this week. 
6. Vested daisy token staking
If you participated in the original Daisy token presale, you can still stake your vested Daisy tokens and participate in a 2% Bitcoin mining pool! Go to www.liquidnft.club and click on "Liquid Promo". Here you can also reserve your Liquid NFT at no cost (just the smart contract energy fees). 
7. Forex Bonus Pool
The Builders & Achievers TRADING POOLS go live on JUNE 1ST! THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO EARN YOUR SHARES IN THE VERY 1ST MONTHS POOLS! Please checkout the previous posted document to understand all the details. 
8. Global call June 1st
We will host a global call June 1st at 1pm UTC time and will be sharing more detailsand exciting news, translated live in German, French, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. We will also be hosting a 2nd update call for the Japanese Team on June 2nd, as this is currently the #1 market for D.ai.sy and we want to remove time zone and translation challenges. 

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