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The most exciting news in the history of Daisy has been announced on the Oct 2 Corporate Update.

AISY GLOBAL CALL October 2nd :
Below is a summary of the update.
Before Oct 31 a large percentage of the Crypto Trading Pool funds will be moved to the Forex Trading Pool to help ALL existing Crypto Tier holders to earn trading profits while development continues on the Crypto AI.
This is recognition that the Crypto AI development is taking longer than expected and that Dr Anna said that NOT all the trading pool funds are needed for the Crypto AI to continue it's testing and development phase.
This is GREAT NEWS as it means that based on the amazing success of the Forex AI all existing Crypto Tier holders will start receiving weekly Forex Trading Rewards.
You do NOT have to be a holder of Forex Tiers to receive these new Forex Trading Rewards. Of course it still makes sense to own Forex Tiers and keep topping up to maximize your earning potential.
Please note this migration of Crypto Trading Pool funds to Forex Trading Pool has NO impact on your Tiers. It simply adds to the total balance of funds displayed in your Forex Trading Balance that will yield profits.
If you want to take advantage of the Referral Pay Plan benefits associated with the Forex you still need to have purchased the Forex Tiers as normal.
The exact details of the percentage of funds migrated or the date have not been announced. 
If you missed the opportunity to become a Pace Setter Gold or have aspirations of becoming a Pace Setter Leader than Oct is the month.
If you refer 24 NEW members in Oct and create 128,000 of NEW volume between your existing and NEW members in Oct you become a Pace Setter Gold receiving a share every day of every tier added to the Daisy project plus a share of an extra 5% of equity in the Endotech IPO.
In addition if you create a NEW Pace Setter Gold you earn a share of the NEW Achievers Bonus Pool every month which has been averaging 3k to 10K a share each month.
Refer 3 Pace Setters and become a Pace Setter Leader and earn another % of every tier added to the Daisy project each day in real time plus lots more.
The Momentum Packs continue for the month of Oct which contribute 90% to the Forex Trading Pool. You must be at Tier 5 or above in Forex to acquire Momentum Packs.
Celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Daisy in Dubai with thousands of Daisy members, top leaders, the founders, Dr Anna Becker and many of her Team, representatives from Ernst and Young (audited  trading and finances), and other VIP guests.
You will be present for major game changing announcements. Discounted early bird tickets have been extended to Oct 31 so go to to purchase tickets.
Have a great week and reach out to all your team.

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