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DAISY GLOBAL CALL September 15th:
Amazing announcements from the European Regional Event! Don't miss the Dubai Event in February, 
1. The Forex AI software has been successfully updated and returned to the previous integration with the team of live traders working with the AI team. This means we will see a significant improvement in the Forex AI performance, compared to the previous few months! 
2. The Crypto AI software is in the process of upgrading to the live trader integration. Please allow for some additional time for the software upgrade to be tested for stability before we see the improvements in performance over the next few weeks.
3. Unlimited Momentum Packs are being added to Tiers 2 and above! This request and decision was made live on stage during the panel discussion with the Founders and Leaders, and as a result of the clear response from the 1000 person audience! 
4. A new and upgraded back office will be rolled out this month to Pacesetters for feedback, and after feedback is received and updated, the new back office will be launched to everyone. 
5. The new Decentralized Fund Model will be launched at the Dubai event. Those wishing to receive their initial crowd funding contributions back, will be able to do so at that time. 
6. The new Decentralized Fund Model as well as the next MASSIVE crowd funding project will be presented to the top leaders at the Phuket Top Earners Trip in December, allowing for input from the leaders prior to the launch at the Dubai event. 
7. Tickets for the Asia Regional Event in Osaka, Japan, on Oct 10th, will be going live this week. This will be a sold out event within hours. Stay tuned for the official release this week. Tickets for the Capetown South Africa Event on November 4th are live. 
8. The goals for 2024 were announced, which include Endotech going public, and reaching 5B in live trading within the new Decentralized Fund Model that will launch at the Dubai Event, and reaching 1M members world-wide. 

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DAISY Global is a trusted Crypto & Forex AI trading platform with broad prospects and development potential, A Crowdfunding smart contract that offers profits, equity and income to every member.Meta Force is an upgrade to the popular Forsage. Meta Force Founded by Lado Okhotnikov, the original Founder of Forsage. Meta Force is a smart contract that requires you to network with people and build a solid team structure. You earn in Forcecoin/DAI stablecoin and all earnings are paid instantly to your crypto wallet.Daisy AI and Meta Force are trustworthy platforms that have been strictly evaluated and screened by industry elites around the world, and they have bright prospects and development potential.

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