D.AI.SY UPDATES 4/12/2024

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D.AI.SY UPDATES 4/12/2024
- Update for those with Compromised Wallet
The final step for the compromised wallet identity verification is underway. Those who have compromised wallets will be contacted by our support team to setup a video call with their upline sponsor and pacesetter leader, to verify their identity and that they are the true original owner of the wallet.
Once the verification process is completed, compromised wallet addresses will be replaced with their new address. This is a one-time courtesy that we are doing, and will require a full migration into a new smart contract. We realize many members were new to the potential security risk of holding the keys to your own private wallet and have been victimized by scammers, and we are doing everything we can to help those members in the fastest way possible.
- Update for those Exiting D.ai.sy
For those who requested to exit D.ai.sy, your funds will be removed from trading in the next couple of weeks. Once the compromised wallet process is completed, we will begin to process the payouts. The software team is also completing the necessary upgrades on the backend to make sure that implementing exits doesn't affect the rest of the system.
Members who requested to exit but wish to cancel that request and continue, can now do so in the back office.
Members who have lost their wallet access (not compromised but lost) will also have until Monday the 15th to submit their request and begin their KYC process. Compromised wallets will be handled as 1st priority, then lost wallets will be addressed, so that we don't have any further delays on the exit requests.
- Fund License and Broker License Update
We have made great progress with both the brokerage license and the fund licence, and continue to move ahead of schedule. No definitive dates yet, but we are in the final stages and expect to be able to share some very exciting news in the near future. Completion of these licenses will allow us to resume withdrawals as normal, which of course also means the residual unilevel bonuses will resume as well. 
- Increased Performance and Brokerage Update
In the past 2 weeks we have tested the new brokerage platforms with larger position sizes and leverage. We have worked through the initial api glitches. You can see a small increase in the daily performance already, and we anticipate a continued gradual increase in performance this week, and the weeks to come. 
- 10M in Trading for Daisy/Uplift Token Holders
For those who participated in the Daisy/Uplift token, we announced at the end of last year that we placed 10m into trading for the purpose of reimbursing all participants. Reporting will be updated soon in the back office, and the amount continues to grow on a daily basis, now over 2.8M in profits.
- Endotech Update
Endotech is in the process of getting an updated valuation which will include the value of their IP for the Crypto AI. 2 of the last 3 months the system produced profitable trading, and additional improvements were made to correct the losing month. We will continue to monitor the results and development. As previously stated, no funds will be placed into the Endotech Crypto AI until the platform is fully ready, tested, and proven, and only after the Fund License is completed.

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