Introducing the Moontography Project

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Introducing the Moontography Project - Supporting Blockchains
The moontography project $MTGY aims to provide a suite of decentralized tools, services, and products that the crypto community finds real-world, meaningful value in.
✅ 1,000,000,000 max total supply
✅ 200M burned
✅ 200M is time locked until end of year (will be relocked at this time unless any of these funds are needed, not expected at this time)
✅ 66M in rewards wallet (Staking, airdrops, marketing, etc. over time)
✅ 57M in dev wallet (paid to dev contributors over time)
✅ Plans for pegged tokens on multiple chains for accessibility & usability    
✅ Generous staking on (our own platform!) and blockchain developer rewards programs coming soon!
✅ CEX and Uniswap listing coming soon
Known from project Jupiter $JUP, the very active dev Moontography ✅
Dextools chart:
Token contract: 0x025c9f1146d4d94F8F369B9d98104300A3c8ca23
✅ Original presale link with Liquidity Unlock Date (2021-12-31 23:59):
✅ Proof of 200M tokens locked:
Instructions on adding $MTGY to your MetaMask Wallet
While these are specific instructions for MetaMask, most ERC20 and BEP20 wallets have a very similar flow to add custom tokens.
1. In your wallet, you'll need to make sure you’re in the BSC network (default is Ethereum Mainnet). If you don't have it setup, follow these instructions to add BSC to your MetaMask wallet:
2. In your wallet once BSC network is selected, click Add Token
3. Copy the MTGY contract address, 0x025c9f1146d4d94F8F369B9d98104300A3c8ca23, in the contract field
4. The other fields should autopopulate
5. Save and MTGY will show up in your wallet

Surprise! I've been building 
 for the last 2 weeks. Time to merge $MTGY & $OKLG and create the biggest crypto empire we've ever seen:
- Virality, meme, culture, community, utility
- Insane marketing and growth incoming
- Easy migration from $MTGY
Now to the fun part, what is next for MTGY and how do you as investors benefit/migrate. Here are the important cliffnotes and what you need to do to move forward:
1. With the new absolutely incredible communities we've created for both OKLG and MTGY, we have the meme, culture, hype, and virality components combined with utiilty never seen before and can merge communities with the expectation that we're now a family and we're all going to make it together.
2. The OKLG tokenomics and revenue model will drive TONS of growth and marketing potential, which we've already started huge investment to keep things moving forward.
3. The OKLG token will be the ecosystem token moving forward. You can and are enouraged to swap your MTGY for OKLG immediately in the platform > SWAP MTGY FOR OKLG nav item
4. Within the next month at the latest we will be removing the MTGY/BNB liquidity and migrating to the OKLG LP. Please migrate your MTGY sooner than later so we can expedite this process soon.
5. All moontography dapps will be upgraded to used OKLG as the utility token, and will also support users to spend native token instead of market buying OKLG, but the transaction will trigger OKLG market buying instead (reduce barrier to entry for projects)
Please join the OKLG TG to come check out how amazing it is:
Please review the new WP attached/located below attached, and be sure to swap your MTGY for OKLG as soon as reasonably possible!

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