MTGY Atomic Swapping Guide

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MTGY Atomic Swapping Guide
Atomic Swapping is live for Beta Testing! We’ve tested quite a bit but a couple additional UI enhancements will make it ready for prime time. If you’d like to use Atomic swapping, read on!
$MTGY Holders (Scroll down for Token Owners)
Make sure you are on the network you want to send tokens from in your wallet
Go to and click on Atomic Swapping
Click Initiate New Swap
5. Enter the amount and click Send Tokens Now. Make sure to copy the Swap ID, Unique ID, and Amount. You’ll need this info to claim.
Atomic Swap From BSC to ETH
6. Switch to the Network you sent tokens to in your wallet and refresh your page.
7. Click claim tokens and enter your Swap ID, Unique ID, and Amount
Claiming $MTGY on the ETH Network
8. Check your balance and see the claimed tokens
Token Owners (Enable Swapping of your Token)
You must have your token deployed on the target networks for swapping
You must have 50,000 $MTGY (25,000 for each side) to create the contracts
NOTE: If your token has special tokenomics that takes out taxes/fees on transfer, ensure you either exclude your new atomic swap contract from these fees or ensure your users know they will be taken out when swapping.
Switch to the network you want to set up the first contract for in your wallet
Click on Atomic Swapping on the Left Nav bar
Click “Create Atomic Swap Bridge for your Token”
7. Enter the contract address for the token based on the network you’re currently connected to
8. Fill out Number of tokens for the swap contract to hold and Max number for each swap
9. Set the Target Bridge Network (BSC, ETH, or Kucoin Mainnet)
10. Click Create Token Swap
11. Pay the 25,000 $MTGY fee
13. Switch to the Target Network and fill out the information
14. Check the box for “Have you already created the first swap contract”
15. Input the contract address and the Unique ID from the first network
16. Pay the 25,000 $MTGY fee
17. Tell your holders ;)
(DM @ moontography on Telegram with any questions)
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If you have questions, want to learn more, or simply want to meet the $MTGY community, check out our website, Telegram, and other blogs!

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