Moontograpy's Line-up of Decentralized Apps

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Atlanta, Georgia--(Newsfile Corp. - October 28, 2021) - Several crypto panelists and enthusiasts have constantly argued and pointed out the seemingly deleterious effects of using centralized tools alongside blockchain products and solutions. Also storing blockchain-based digital assets on a centralized network is sometimes considered faux pas. For this reason, Moontography is proud to invite the crypto community to try out its set of decentralized apps.
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Moontography seeks to promote the mainstream adoption and use of blockchain technology by creating a suite of decentralized apps that are more than capable alternatives to pre-existing solutions. For example, before now, certain centralized platforms have been the go-to service for their niche, and they performed wonderfully well. But there's a drawback, they control your data, are high profile targets for breaches, and can be considered not as secure as blockchain-based solutions offering the same service.
Password managers are a good case in point. They no doubt have an impressive lineup of features; however, there have been reports of security breaches of these managers. These events defeat the effort of coming up with a unique password for each online account. One Moontography app tackles the problem by creating a password management product on the blockchain with accompanying military-grade encryption for future proofing.
Moontograpy can be best described as a decentralized platform that aims to solve the problems of crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts, and crypto projects across various industries.
How is Moontography Any Different?
Moontography is backed by a team of experts with real-world experience in the B2B (Business to Business) and SaaS (Software as a Service) industries. They understand the technicalities involved in scaling ideas until they become successful real-world problem solvers. And they (Moontography) intend to continually seek out and build high-value decentralized apps (dApps) that will utilize their native token, $MTGY.
As the native tokens of crypto platforms are typically indicative of their success, Moontography has set failsafes to ensure its volatility is kept in check and the value is never in jeopardy. Hence, they adopted the deflationary tokenomics model where a certain percentage of the supplied tokens used when using a product/service they offer are burnt to forestall the possibility of inflation occurring, which increases the unit value of MTGY. Despite its already value-increasing utility.
Moontography architecture promises future-proofing as its smart contracts are built to cater to any, unlike previous platforms that have had to relaunch tokens, update versions, or became simply unusable due to how expensive they grew. Moontography's smart contracts act as classes where the service cost is stored on one smart contract and data on another.
This approach makes it possible to "edit" the cost of service smart contract without necessarily erasing previously stored data if both classes were contained in the same smart contract. It can be said these features are the contributing factor for Moontography having over $400 million in-built contracts, and with potentially soaring valuation as more valuable dApps are built.
Moontograpy's Line-up of Decentralized Apps
They boast an impressive suite of dApps capable of supplanting the current centralized options. This is possible because of the extra security and privacy the integration of blockchain delivers on. Some of the applications include:
1. Decentralized Tax Reporting
This utility tool allows business owners to calculate their earnings and evaluate their tax strategies without divulging any personal info.
2. Airdropper
Airdropper is Moontography's way of enabling crypto project owners to concentrate more on their projects without having to worry about cost-effective ways to Airdrop tokens to their communities.
3. Atomic Swap/Bridging as a Service
Many up and coming projects are experiencing community pushback and/or issues such as high gas transaction fees among other things by keeping their project within the bounds of one blockchain. The Moontography team has built an "as-a-service" bridging solution that allows a user to effectively bridge ERC-20, BEP-20, etc. tokens cross chain between any EVM-compatible blockchain. This allows projects to support multiple chains and ecosystems depending on their goals and is a big value-add for broadening a project's reach.
Other dApps within the suite are Atomic Swap, Farmer as a Service, Decentralized Code Storage, Trusted Timestamping, and Decentralized Password Manager.
Moontography is set to onboard the general public and take blockchain mainstream by providing value for everyone irrespective of crypto knowledge status.
About Moontograpy
Moontography is a platform with a suite of value-based dApps built on a variety of blockchain ecosystems like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, KuCoin Community Chain, Polygon, and a few others on the way. Their success in building reputable dApps has earned them the public's trust with over $400 million USD across all Moontography-built smart contracts and infrastructure.
Moontography's set of diverse and user-friendly dApps aims to increase the mainstream adoption of blockchain-based products and reduce the barrier of entry that currently plagues the crypto community.
Contact Info
Company: Moontography
Email address: [email protected]
Address: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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