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Royalty NFTs are the link that connects the various Meta Force programs.
This is the same passive income opportunity that we have already mentioned, but everyone is still wondering how it works...
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Royalty NFT program pre-launch.Statuses in Meta Force:

NFT Relevant information:

This is awesome NFT royalty program 
Royalty bonus 30% product funds
7 NFT status 30% of product funds = 100% for royalty bonus
Level 0 - Zero NFT - 0%
Level 1 - Activator - 10%
Level 2 - Supervisor - 11%
Level 3 - Pro manager - 12%
Level 4 - Manager Pro - 13%
Level 5 - Pacesetters - 14%
Level 6 - Ambassador - 15%
Level 7 - Millionaire's club member - 25%
Meta force will give you so much passive income
Royalty NFT Program More explain video are soon
Level 5 in Classic Program is the eligibility for enter in NFT royalty program.I cannot wait for this project to launch passive income no recruiting earn Royalties and we can finally use our SFC coins!

1- This NFT program will be launched in the very near future. And as soon as it is launched, it will be possible to activate these NFTs.
What will be the conditions to activate these NFT ?
When the NFT program is launched, you will need to buy or activate at least 5 levels in the CLASSIC program.
I repeat, only when the NFT program is released.
This will be the only condition, to have at least 5 or more active levels of the CLASSIC program. 
So it is advisable to activate these levels !
2- These NFTs can be pumped with the stable SFC tokens that we receive when we activate the levels or slots or baskets of the CLASSIC, but only in this first stage, then the only way to pump the NFTs will be with the help of another token called "Energy Token".
Each pumped NFT will allow us to get passive income from royalties based on global turnover.
3- Each NFT represents one share.
This means that if you have several NFTs, then you have several shares which will allow you to receive more profit.
4- Likewise each NFT will be able to move up in status and that means that you will be able to get a higher and higher percentage % to the previous status based on the royalties generated by the global turnover.
To upgrade status you will need to merge 3 NFTs.
- One NFT represents one share.
- With a level 1 NFT (ACTIVATOR) we can get a royalty of 10% of the total global turnover.
- With 3 NFT level 1 (ACTIVATOR) you will be able to merge it and upgrade to the next status level 2 (SUPERVISOR) which will allow you to get 11% of the global turnover.
- Likewise 3 NFT (SUPERVISOR) will allow you to obtain 1 NFT (MANAGER) which will start generating 12% of the global turnover.
- In the same way following the same dynamic you will continue to move up in status, every 3 NFT can merge and take you to the next level where you will get a higher percentage of royalty based on the global turnover: 
All You Need to Know About Royalty NFT Before You Join It:

The collection of NFTs of Royalty NFT program on the opensea has been updated.
Here is a list of new names, smart contract addresses and links to opensea real new Royalty NFTs from Meta Force:
Keep in mind that the value of Just NFT depends on the amount of Energy.
You can now check Energy directly on opensea by going to the NFT description - and open "Levels".
When choosing Just NFT, you can apply the required amount of Energy through the filter.
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Meta Force is an upgrade to the popular Forsage. Meta Force Founded by Lado Okhotnikov, the original Founder of Forsage. Meta Force is a smart contract that requires you to network with people and build a solid team structure. You earn in Dollars/DAI stablecoin and all earnings are paid instantly to your crypto wallet.