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Embark on an amazing journey with UpLift — discover new projects and exciting options to back successful DeFi startups!
New ambitious projects are born in the vastness of DeFi every day bringing amazing opportunities to those who invest in such Projects early. We are proud to present UpLift — an IDO launchpad platform offering an array of possibilities for prospective investors aiming to back up-and-coming cryptocurrency projects.
UpLift takes your DeFi journey to a whole new level, opening prospects for long-term gains, along with a possibility to become fully immersed in the project life-cycle — from its inception until the highest-level goals are achieved.
Ready? Then hop on board!
Community contributors will receive rewards in LIFT tokens as a way of fostering further incentives in addition to numerous other possibilities to earn while contributing to the success of the DAO. Proactive participants become eligible to take part in the private pre-sale events.
LIFT token holders are awarded a unique possibility of participating in pre-sales at the project incubation phase allowing a low entry point and exclusive rights to participate in the governance of the platform, thus becoming key power players fully engaged in major decision-making processes. UpLift aims to bring together like-minded enthusiasts, inspired by the investment opportunities in the DeFi sector who opt to be a part of a safe, dynamic and ever-growing self-sustaining ecosystem.
The IDO model allows for a more accessible token allocation providing a wide range of opportunities for asset management, lower costs for listing, as well as equal opportunities for enrollment. The low entry threshold of just 100 USDC in LIFT stake allows access to the upcoming IDOs of the most promising projects. The IDO is conducted in two rounds: exclusive and open. The former features lottery-based access, while the latter offers a possibility to purchase tokens on a first-come-first-serve basis.
LIFT token holders are incentivized to participate in promotional activities, platform governance, and will get the chance to engage in yield farming opportunities with various projects. Being a part of the UpLift community opens limitless possibilities for getting rewards for promotional, governance, and referral activities. The UpLift reward system incentivizes recognized community KOLs to attract new members who are, in turn, encouraged to participate in the projects by being awarded LIFT tokens.
Do not miss out on the chance to explore new possibilities springing up in DeFi with us!
Time to UpLift together!

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