Uplift, How to Swap, Bridge and Stake Your Assets

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 How to Swap, Bridge and Stake Your Assets 
1. Open TronLink Extension on your PC. 
2. Go to https://app.daisydao.io/claim (make sure to use TronLink internal browser for mobile) and connect your TronLink wallet.
3. Tap Claim to claim DAISY tokens. Wait for the transaction confirmation.
4. Add LIFT as an asset TGo8MJaSxvVVicZ1ixC7n3ibJMt9NJvxuU  
5. Switch to Exchange tab and enter the amount of DAISY tokens or tap MAX button.  
6. Tap Swap DAISY and wait for the confirmation of the transaction. 
7. Press "Go to Bridge" or use the following link: https://app.uplift.io/bridge 
Video guide: https://youtu.be/6t0BIiTMw1A
8. Install Metamask on your PC. 
9. Add Binance Smart Chain Mainnet https://medium.com/blind-boxes/how-to-guide-connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain-7403c1f33170  
10. Add LIFT as an asset 0x513c3200f227ebb62e3b3d00b7a83779643a71cf 
11. Export Wallet from TronLink and import with private key into Metamask
Video guide: https://youtu.be/jnmc_ID3VBU
12. Purchase BNB tokens. 
13. Send BNB tokens to Metamask (you will need them to cover payment processing fees).  
14. Connect Metamask Wallet.
15. Enter the token amount or tap Max button. Press Transfer. Wait for the transaction confirmation. 
16. Tap Claim (use BNB tokens to perform this action). Wait for the transaction confirmation.  
17. Switch to STAKING tab, input the staking amount, adjust the vesting period and stake.  
Video guide: https://youtu.be/hsVBz6n2o9418. 
You are all done!
It's important to export Tronlink wallet to Metamask! That way the system can see who is upline and who is downline and track the boosters on staking of LIFT token.
It can only be tracked for those who purchased Daisy token on presale until the end of July.
As soon as KYC is implemented a referral link will be activated as well for staking boosters and new customers.

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