UpLift IDO: A Platform for Disruptive Projects and Retail Ba

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UpLift IDO: A Platform for Disruptive Projects and Retail Backers to Come Together

UpLift IDOs drive the community incentives to kick-start the most innovative ventures by purchasing project tokens for USDT at the seed stage. UpLift IDO will be conducted in two rounds: exclusive and open.
Ready to learn more? Then here is a shortcut to your next earning opportunity.
The following is your mapped out UpLift IDO journey. Let’s walk through it together step-by-step.
Step 1 Complete the KYC procedure
Check your eligibility for participation and provide the necessary documentation.
Step 2 Stake LIFT tokens
Go to https://app.uplift.io/staking/stake and stake your LIFT tokens.
After a period of 7 days, you can already claim your Staking Power and use it to get allocation in the upcoming IDO events.
You need to have at least 100 Staking Power to qualify for participation. The more Staking Power you have — the higher are your chances to get more lottery tickets.
Please note that there is a limit of 20 tickets per participant.
Why else stake? 
Staking LIFT provides opportunities to:
get allocation to the lowest price exclusive round of IDOs;
generate heightened yields from backing incipient projects to unleash their untapped revenue potential;
gain and exercise leverage in the platform governance (upon receiving voting rights);
signal affinity to the most disruptive projects.
Find out more about the mechanics of Staking:
Step 3 Submit your application to get whitelisted
Upon discovering the IDO you would like to participate in, submit an application to the whitelist as the next step.
Step 4 Participate in IDO
Allocation is awarded depending on the number of lottery tickets you have won. Having managed to get your hands on the allocations allows for purchasing IDO project tokens at a discount price.
Do not fret in case you lose — you are still in for an open round during which the project tokens can be bought on a first-come-first-serve basis!
Referral activities
Do not miss out on the opportunity to receive referral bonuses for promoting UpLift IDOs: each time someone you referred participates — you are in for a LIFT treat!
5% for a parent referrer
5% for a grandparent referrer
Token distribution
Depending on the project, the tokens you bought can be claimed at the TGE or are unlocked gradually, according to the established vesting schedule. To recap, TGE stands for token generation event bootstrapping the projects that marks the release of the project token.
Standoff period
Please note that you have to withdraw from participation in project IDOs for a period of seven days once you have bought the project tokens. Stand-off period is implemented on the platform to limit token concentration among large holders and ensure fairer token distribution.
Stay alert for the upcoming IDOs
Track the upcoming IDOs through https://uplift.io/ where you can learn the core details of each project, access the featured product’s description, get information on its key team players, and learn more about the business model at the heart of the venture.
Also, stay tuned for fresh news and alerts on UpLift media where we post announcements about the upcoming IDOs.
Stay alert for more next-gen investment opportunities as we are lifting off into the DeFi space!
Learn more about Uplift:

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